I am frustrated with my financial situation. Where do I start?

Knowing where to start can be difficult. We are bombarded with messages about ‘what’ we should spend or save, but we seem to be missing the ‘how’. Are you really going to commit to writing down everything that you spend or denying yourself a coffee that you didn’t make at home, for the rest of your life? A cash flow plan is the first step in taking control of your finances. I will deliver a plan based on your priorities and offer customized, concrete, simple strategies to keep you on track with your plan.

What is a cash flow plan?

A cash flow plan is similar to a budget, but includes your debt and assets as part of the overall plan. It is a document that allows you to see the money you have coming in and going out. A cash flow plan will reflect your priorities and allow you to manage your money day-to-day, in a simple way. An effective plan includes strategies that easily facilitate adherence to your goals.

Who needs a cash flow plan?

Anyone who has money coming in and going out, will benefit from a cash flow plan. If you have ever said to yourself, “I make enough, so where does my money go?” or “Why do I struggle to build a savings or emergency fund?”, a cash flow plan with a strategy for implementation could change your life.

How do I know this is confidential?

Trusting another with your private information can be intimidating. I have a deep respect for confidentiality and privacy. This respect and understanding has developed over the last 25 years working with women and children in emergency shelters, managing clients and volunteers in Public Health settings and managing quality outcomes for clinical and community support services, of which confidentiality was a high priority. Upon contact with you, I will share my privacy policy and the details within that policy.

Are you a Certified Financial Planner? Do you sell insurance?

I am a Certified Cash Flow Specialist as accredited by the Institute of Advanced Financial Education(IAFE). I have a Degree in Social Behaviour and a Diploma in Business. I am not a Certified Financial Planner. Selling investments, advising on investments and selling insurance is beyond my scope of practice, therefore, I can advise on cash flow planning and credit and debt management with an unbiased perspective. I am independent and I do not receive or give payment for referrals to or from other professionals in the industry.

Why would I spend money on a plan when I am trying to save money?

My goal is to find money that you didn’t realize you were spending and reorganize your budget to reflect your priorities. In most cases, I am able to identify money in your cash flow plan that would cover my fee for service within a few weeks. The good news? Once you have paid this fee, you get to keep saving your money!

What are the expected results?

Exact results will be different for everyone, but you can expect to have a written plan, based on your financial and life goals. You can expect to be given strategies to effectively stick to your plan. You will learn how to update and manage changes in your plan as your life changes. You can also expect to feel less stress, less family conflict and a greater sense of control as your money is simplified and your life becomes balanced.

How do I get started?

To begin the process of getting Balanced, simply visit my Contact page and complete the contact form. I will follow up with you in a timely manner and we can schedule a complimentary initial consult to better determine how Balanced can empower you to become cash flow-savvy.